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VNC Server Free Edition 4.1

Simple software to remotely access other computers over LAN or Internet
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VNC Server is simple software used to remotely access other computers over a local network or the internet. With the help of Data Encryption and Secure Login your information will be kept confidential.
VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing, and it uses 2 small programs: Server and Viewer. The Server handles the service, and "serves" the access to the host computer. The Viewer is used to access the computer where the server is installed and configured. There are many interesting and time saving uses of the VNC Server, such as in a System Administration or Help Desk Scenario, where the Administrator or technician uses it to access the user's computer and diagnose/fix any problems without the need of physically going to his desktop. Another common scenario is in a classroom, where students can access the instructor's computer and from their screen they can see step by step what is being done.
With VNC Server, Free Edition is compatible with almost all versions of Microsoft Windows, from 95 to Vista, and also, depending on the license, with Linux, Solaris, MacOS. Besides the Server Free Edition, Personal and Enterprise Editions are available, depending on the user's needs. Some of the features include Proxy Support, File Transfer, Embedded Chat, Session Encryption, and much more.

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